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Saturday, September 1, 2018

connecting dots between Zuni prophecy and the secret space program

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Once in awhile I will write something in response to what I see coming in on trackers. Normally I focus on my own stuff, since #pinkyblog is about me, but when I see a very determined visitor hitting a particular tag for an hour or two straight, or someone checking back over and over for awhile, I do respond to those visitors in another post, although not always clearly.

This one is a direct response to a very different visitor showing up after I wrote "long before I ever heard of the law of one"So far there are 14 total visits (according to statcounter) that started on August 18th at 9:55 a.m., I assume my time.

They've been showing up like this on blogger, as 'unknown region', since they are their own nation. Blogger shows more hits because the metrics are a little different, but since Blogger also counts other areas in the world as unknown region, I won't get into that right now.

I was a little puzzled at first. I'm familiar with the Zuni, Hopi, and Navajo reservations around where I grew up in the Four Corners region, which I've brought up before in "Real Things You Might Not Know About Me" on my Surveypalooza blog.

I've been to Chaco, grew up with a cat named Chaco, and have a desert village named Chaco on a minecraft server. I've also been to the Mesa Verde cliff dwellings in Colorado. I had never before seen direct hits from a reservation area on any of my blogs, so that really caught my attention.

So what is important about the Zuni showing up in my stats? I often mention synchronicity, so I don't take things for granted, especially when it gets my attention over and over.

It made sense to connect a few dots and put that into a search engine, so naturally I paired Zuni with David Wilcock (since I'd written that post just before the hits) and Corey Goode ('star people' show up in Native American legends). I immediately got interviews with Clifford Mahooty, the first of which I'll link here.

I'm about halfway through right now. The best part was Clifford saying that the reason the Zuni and Hopi got together last year was to come out with the truth about the Blue Star Kachina misunderstanding, which was a story that happened for tourism (like we have around the Branson area about the Bolin Gang on the train ride at Silver Dollar City), and it's not like that at all. Right away in this video we see that a dance map was really a 'technology' given to the Zuni to remember for a prophecy about our solar system going through a change, which is now in our near future. The steps precisely spell out what happens in which order, and everything around this prophecy is about astronauts that came from other star systems.

Lexx fans know I am fascinated with the Blue Star scene in Super Nova. Some fans know from The Wheel, It Turns that I think the Lexx property was buried by corporate elite who own our media because it doesn't sell the proper mass brain training. No one knew yet until just now that I think Poet Man is the Lexx symbolism for the 'left behind' who can't escape our Earth and have been working on DNA and experimentation to regain control of their own future in a secret space program so that they can escape.

And of course, Corey Goode has worked in the secret space program and now speaks for the Sphere-Being Alliance, and David Wilcock has researched and scientifically documented that our galaxy regularly travels through higher energy areas and that it's about time for another event, this one being called the Ascension Event. All these things are easy to find on youtube and fun to listen to whether you believe in any of it or not. I've been incredibly bored this month taking it easy on a bad knee and now recovering from a combination carpal release and arthroscopy, so I have caught up on hours of these talks, very refreshing because I love scifi, love science, love new thought, love what ifs, love thinking. I have been very entertained throughout August by everything I can find on David and Corey, and it falls right into line with what I'm doing on #pinkyblog to promote positivity.

So there you go, the Zuni have something important to say before the Event that was long ago predicted and prophesied by multiple cultures that would usher our world into a fifth age. There is more about that in another article.

You can see there are more youtube videos, if you are interested. 🙂

I've had the opinion for years that one of the reasons humans are being/have been pushed to develop a way off the planet was so the fallen can escape an inevitable doom. If the Ascension Mysteries are right, everyone stuck here will experience this energy change as our solar system migrates through a particular territory in our long orbit around the center of the galaxy. The fallen, the cast down know this, and they are not in forms that can survive this, like humans. That is my own opinion and not something I got off the internet.

It's fascinating to think about, at any rate.

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