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Friday, September 7, 2018


Ah, here it comes, the after surgery fibro flare. I was wondering when it would really hit. I thought yesterday was just overdoing, but I guess I'm done for a few days. The only thing I would add to those personal descriptions in that link is my entire nervous system feeling raw, exposed, possibly even a little sizzled on a grill or something. If you've ever had Fifth Disease or Hand-Foot-Mouth, the nerve part is like that only all over and worse.

I'm actually in really good shape at 16 days out from knee arthroscopy and carpal release surgeries. As the flare hit, though, actual capability was overcome by intense throbbiness around the still healing areas, and even though that doesn't mean my healing has slowed down at all, it does mean what I could easily do a couple of days ago is being drowned out in overall perception problems my brain is suddenly backlogged in, like pain sludge.

My mood is good and I'm actually sleeping a lot and eating normally, so I'm not worried. Just need to let my brain sort it all out I guess. I've heard that the backlash after all the drugs during surgery can be a nightmare, so I feel blessed that I'm basically sleeping this one off. Sorry so long getting back in touch with some of you I'm working with on stuff.  I'll get there. ❤

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