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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Being the cat in the box

This has been a long week.

I'm glad it was enough to be worth checking on.

And more glad it wasn't enough to do something about.

It's a weird way to relax.

Meals brought to me in bed, people checking on me.

It's nice to be checked on.

Still, I think I'm ready to go home. Not sure when I can.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

If they can see me, you all may as well, too

My life is so full of coincidence that I'm basically just like "Hi, guys, how's it going?" *sips coffee* It's fun to share, though.

My people back on schedule after a big, busy weekend full of stuffs, swimsuits drip drying all over the place, lotta big float things, something about a boat and grilling and I think 2 pools were part of the general holiday migration. Several cemeteries. Nailing down vacation plans for later this summer.

Meanwhile, I was busy learning how to subdivide and create a town. It's taken a long time to find my feet with working on projects with other players, but I'm finally there and not even feeling tense about it. I've come a long way.

I have a ton of stuff to do today, so this was just a howdy. I've been all over the house starting chores in between router rebooting and whatnot, but tomorrow is a big day in town and I need to get the weekend pile up under control before then. Laterz.

What I'm listening to while I clean my house.

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Whee, blogger is cleaning house. 😬😥😵😳

I can't decide whether or not to cringe. I've been through so much already with blog hosts, but I think I'm feeling more calloused nowadays.

Power point because I used all my brain up this weekend on the server leveling down a mountain in the desert to subdivide into YaburoVillage-

  • *ow* My left shoulder blade was removed, muscles restrung and tuned to the key of eek, buffed to a matte finish, and replaced with limited warranty. (physical therapy)
  • I made the most delightful coffee chocolate chip ice cream and zoomed into double my usual caffeine while I accidentally missed a gabapentin dose and then was late on the one that came after (15 hours instead of every 7), so the headache was pretty real.
  • I found out a person who started the big hooplah that actually got me misquoted on IMDb as fandom fact instead of me simply sharing someone's April Fool's joke BLOCKED me on Facebook. 😂😁😋😊😄 omg, I actually laughed.
  • After some thought about rediscovering last week that I have a reddit account, I'm glad I'm not like I was in the old days. I used to spend hours in places like that (pre-reddit areas) where all everyone did was talk stuff to death. Memes are so much faster. I love memes.
  • I saw someone griping about memes saying 4chan were probably rolling in their graves. As badly as stuff is ripped around nowadays without sourcing, how in the world could they even tell it *didn't* come from 4chan? The irony.
I really need to go to bed but people won't get out of my room tonight. Something about setting up vacation plans on the desktop. Lemme see if I can find a video to watch.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

parallel Pinky

I spent months thinking about what to do with this web presence I'm junking up into something I never intended to do, and I've decided the extraneous Pinky stuff needs to become part of the fossilized stagnation of the random webs. It's funny that so much time, actual work, even money went into Pinky things, and Janika is still what wound up worth more both as presence and property.

This week has sucked all to hell next door, and I'm doing my best to help support the one person in this house who is able to be the most support for them while working nearly 60 hours a week, and I'm afraid I've overworked an arthritic joint doing it, so now I'm resting in my bed watching The Day the Earth Stood Still. I've meant to watch it for years. I guess this is what it takes. I've always liked Jennifer Connelly, one of the rare few I attempt to follow through film projects.

Anyway, per the About This Blog page, I'm not going to keep much of an eye on how this blog incarnation ranks. I migrated Pinky here because I need to blog, and this is how people can see what's going on with me without having to call or write anywhere. The last blog will have a few more scheduled posts, and then the dotcom will expire in September. This blog going forward is just me being one of many Pinkys on the webs. This blog doesn't need to be part of a platform.

Incidentally, while I understand the need for the extra checkpoints, the latest update junk is very annoying.


Btw, if you are coming in on mobile, you may not be seeing #allthestuff. After years of steady post reading, I found out someone was never seeing the tags on mobile. Tags at the bottoms of posts are crucial for tying together trains of thought, and this month on the last blog I auto scheduled a series of posts all tagged with one word. Like, you click on that word, you get all those posts lined up without the other in between junk in the way. Much of the lengthier visits followed tag trails. I also have a search bar in the side column, good way to find anywhere in the blog that I've mentioned something in particular. I can tell that came in really handy for readers wanting to find more autism related posts.

Let's see, other junk. Physical therapy was extended, moving arms much better, maybe this fall I can start working on legs. I tried going back down on my gabapentin (neurontin) dose now that shoulder nerve is freed up and healing, but the rest of my body is yelling harder, so I might be jacking that back up. It's touch and go now with pain management, and I can no longer tell if the gabapentin is why I feel kind of numb or if it's blinky nerve stuff. Oh well. If a nerve in a leg wants to feel like it has soggy wet cotton wrapped around it instead of zinging zaps around making me jump like I just got stung, I can't complain if I can keep moving around on it.

My brain has been pudding most of this week. Oh yeah, another biggie. I've already gone through a sort of imminent phone death months ago with this phone, dumped a bunch of apps and had to start plugging into laptop just to charge it. Finally reached the point where it now only charges in the car, of if it's turned off will charge on laptop, but that's all. Fine tuned another major purge, cut everything  in settings to the bone, and now I'm hoping I can just get it through the summer.

My radishes and cantaloupe plants are coming along, nearly got a batch of chicks but stuff came up last minute and veered us onto a new track. Not sure now if I'll try again in June because carpal tunnel surgery coming up in July, not going to push that much work in the heat with a big wound and possibly other difficulties. 😬

Anything else? I know, I still haven't done Batman pix. I need to find another pic first. 😁 Another time, perhaps.