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Monday, October 15, 2018


Had a good think about medias. This year is a mess, big platform CEOs winding up in congressional hearings, some of their motives, agendas, and ethics coming into question about humans being used for gain behind their backs (and Google now helping an entire country super surveille its citizens while stifling information into state run 'news'), basic dark future run amok stuff, so who knows how many rugs will get yanked around. People left and right are closing accounts anyway for a variety of reasons, and you really don't have to have an entire fleet of medias to keep a sales platform, it's just that it's so fashionable, right.

And then there's the 5G rollout. The testing has been going on for months and several companies have announced 'live' dates by the end of this year up through 2019, and basically by 2020 everyone around the world will be on 5G. I'm not keen on 5G. If you guys think it's already intrusive that nearly every site or app you open pleasantly shoves in your face something you'd probably like to buy while you're reading something (and how unnerving it is that anywhere you wind up, every site knows what your size and color preference is), imagine 5G knowing when you get in and out of a car when your phone isn't even hooked up to internet yet and actually turned off. According to the test done in this video starting at 2:20, that actually already happens and is measurable.

So I can totally see where they'd be able to make a list of every restroom stop you make around town and then offer you something off the pharmacy shelf for the problem while you're looking at your phone in the bathroom...

Anyway, stuff is overwhelming enough, I'm plate way too full busy, and I just want a break. So I'm taking one.

Lexxperience twitter has been moved to a more relevant account. Pinky on twitter is just around for friends and down time now.

Lexxperience everything else will be moving to the dedicated SyfyDesigns server.

I'm done with Facebook. I'm fried. I'll leave accounts open to check on people and keep the fan group/page on touch base, but I'm so done.

When I came back out on medias, I was incognito. No one but the closest handful of people even had a clue who I am. I'm to the point now that if I were to go back to my own real name, not a soul would be able to find me. Even if they knew my real name, there are so many of me that I would be in a literal sea of hundreds. If Facebook ever reaches the point of routing out incognitos, you guys won't see me there again, even if I am there, because I will never connect to anyone. I never got Facebook of my own volition in the first place. I'm only there because it's convenient to stay in touch with a handful of people in private, which is funny because we can easily text each other.

I will be dismantling G+ over the winter. I know that's how some of you get notifications on me, sorry about that, but all our G+ pages are going away anyway, right. Since Google runs blogger and my feedburners, not a clue what the fallout will be on that. I'll probably download my blogs like I did when Xanga migrated in case of fail. Google also owns youtube, but since I've already nearly closed mine down, that's not a problem.

I'll be doing an inventory of all my accounts on the web and shut at least half of them down. Most of them are barely used. Beyond that, I'll still be around, but I'll likely stop cross posting links. I'll make one last cross post from here to twitter and that's it.

I'm very curious how long my old Pinky blog stuff will stay cached if I make that blog private. In the old days (ten years ago) something would stay cached for a year to several years, but nowadays things can drop off pretty quickly from search because there is just so much. So if old Pinky blog blinks out, I'm doing an experiment. You guys know I like watching that kind of stuff.

I've been planning on pulling together a comprehensive inventory of my stuff into one area for several years. Maybe this is the year that will happen, most likely on my Janika dotcom.

I'm facepalming because it just hit me I haven't checked my email in a couple of weeks again. I really do need a break.

~~~ hours later ~~~

Ok, real life.
  • I cut two fingers at the same time with a ginsu knife in the weirdest way this afternoon on the nonsurgery hand while I was cutting up a chicken.
  • That's because the surgery hand (nearly 8 weeks out now) has been super fumbly all day since it got super ASTYM'd first thing this morning. My wrist still hurts, too.
  • So I'm typing with bandaids and it sucks.


One of the players on the game server built that awesome house, and I was invited to see since I crafted and sold all that red netherbrick.

I know, right? My colors.

I could live there in real life.

Weekend was super busy. While my jetsetters came and went, I deep cleaned all the bathrooms including floors and rugs, laundry, dishes, cooking, and hanging out in game practically all weekend. If I ever learn and test on the plugins I'll really be crushing it.

Basically, energy level didn't bomb out on me too badly, hand and knee kept up really well, and my brain worked the whole time. THAT is a really big deal for me.

I'm already thinking Christmas. I'm going to set up @bonenado's Vikings tree in our bay window off the kitchen. The kids can have the livingroom for their tree.

*runs off to orthopedic therapy*

Friday, October 12, 2018

media moguls

I know, right.

~CAUTION~ There is a rant further down. Don't scroll if you don't wanna see it.

Two more months of payments until I can revert back to my original path. I'm feeling terribly impatient. I haven't been able to get into my original Yablo blog on xanga since 2017. All the private stuff is inaccessible. Same with a couple of my other blogs.

I'm kind of looking over bluehost. Not sure yet if that's where I'm going with my personal blogging.

In 6 months my G+ platform will be gone. All the Lexxperience stuff needs to move within the next 6 months. All of that will be going to SyfyDesigns.

I'm not worried about the WordPress stuff. My blogger stuff is at risk. Google is a mess, and they own blogger, which, by the way, has the easiest manual coding I've ever seen for a free blog. That's why #Pinkyblog settled into blogger.

Google+ to shut down after 500,000 users' data may have been exposed: Users may have been exposed by a bug that was present in Google systems for more than two years

Google’s iron grip on Android: Controlling open source by any means necessary

I'm pretty sure Google is breaking up with me

The Case Against Google: Critics say the search giant is squelching competition before it begins. Should the government step in?

Google admits giving hundreds of firms access to your Gmail inbox

And of course, Google has been building that big censor engine for China, so 1984 is officially live and well now.

Speaking of censored brutality, how many of you knew acid attacks are a thing in London now? Some activist groups around the world are groomed for public legal gathering attacks via throwing acid on people, causing severe disfigurement and even death. That's a real thing. Is it happening in the U.S. too? How can we tell if the media platform giants censor their news? And they obviously are. Nearly 1000 more pages were scrubbed off Facebook this week. I guess if they figure they're going down, may as well be as childish as they can on their way out.

Facebook's prolonged struggle to nullify the spread of misleading information on its platform took a bold step on Thursday, when the company scrubbed over 800 pages for promoting what it calls "inauthentic behavior."

Ok, hop off now if you don't wanna see the rant.

First of all, this wasn't a struggle until Trump got into office, secondly, it's hugely biased while child porn and human trafficking pages remain untouched, and thirdly, that's exactly what they're going down for with the congressional hearings, even though mainstream media isn't reporting it that way. The sealed indictment count is over 71K, and we're so close now to being able to legally dismantle (because human trafficking is such a huge industry, and that is a crime against humanity) the elite Cabal of world banking families holding all our countries in a vice grip that if we fail, humanity will literally move into mass slavery within the next generation. We will never have another chance after this to free ourselves of debt slavery tyrants.

When social media giants voluntarily purge free human trafficking accounts from their platforms, I will believe they actually care about this world. The only way I can report twitter accounts openly spamming the actual words "sex slave trade" every two minutes (complete with teenage model) is to report them for spamming. There is absolutely no other way to report criminal activity concerning sex and children on twitter.

Let me repeat that.


And the same with Facebook. Several child farming accounts have tried to follow me, and I reported them, and that's how I know how difficult it is to report child sex trafficking.

Number of NCIC missing persons files in the United States in 2017, by age and gender

"There were 260,977 cases of missing females under the age of 21 in 2017."

Um... there were nearly 500K missing children in the U.S. last year. How many of those kids are being kept around as sex toys? How many are sold off and slipped out of the country? How many are brutalized to the point of murder? I'm watching mainstream media bring the entire country to a froth this last month over one woman, and the ones frothing don't stop and ask what is behind all this? Why in the world is it so important to stop one man from getting a position? It's just a job. Well, it's the kind of job that will allow the prosecution of 71K sealed indictments...

If media giants are protecting trafficker rights over child safety, shouldn't someone be doing something about that?

They're trying.

I've had my fill of media bias, people who froth over someone crying on TV vs actually listening to real survivors who can name names but fear for their lives, and distraught parents with missing children being blown off by justice systems that could have done something all these years. I know someone whose daughter was abducted. I cannot think of a more horrific way to live than to wonder who is raping my child. The saddest part of saying that is remembering my first marriage. I cannot convey the sadness that sticks with a person their entire life when they realize...

493, 156 missing children in the U.S. last year. That is unacceptable. And if your first thought is Well, not all of them are rape victims, give me an acceptable number. Stand up for acceptable child rape.

Because that's what you're doing.

This rant is now over. Please pick up some complimentary nachos on the way out. Have a nice day.

Ok, I feel better now. That's been bottled up awhile.

People generally don't talk to me very openly about much. This is why. I understand it's my own personal problem and I'm learning to accept that. But I know if a single one of my friends lost a child to an abduction, they would go insane tearing up the medias.

You cannot imagine the pain until you've been there. You cannot envision a world without blinders until you've had them ripped off. You cannot understand why the world is the way it is until you see it through the eyes of the survivors. You cannot say what is right and what is wrong until you know what is really going on. You cannot trust corporate media to stand up for your humanity, your dignity, and your freedom to be unassaulted when they are owned by those who own the whole world. Why do you think it's so hard to do the right thing? Why is there a maze of walls at every turn? Because someone with big money doesn't want to go to jail.

Point blank.