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Monday, July 16, 2018

Little Lexx

And you're probably going Pshaw, that's not a big deal. Well, it is if no one else is doing it. I may quite possibly be the only person on the North American continent who has kept a live public stat counter available for the Lexx fandom over the last almost 4 years now.

I don't make statcounter public, but it says there's more than 8,873. This is one of 6 pages. There are 195 countries in the world as of 2018, so I'm missing 70 of them.

You can see that a lot of the traffic routes through the big Facebook and Google areas. Well, you can't with this, but I can with the extra stuff I can see.

I got Lexxcited tonight because some big stuffs got done, and now I'm showing off my globe stats because I can't help it. Someone brought up a globe, and I'm sayin' I got a globe.

I'm really sleepy. I need to find a fanvid and let go of this. I don't share Lexx fanvids because they seem to get pulled when I draw attention to them, so let's pretend this is a lonely Lexx fan waiting for fam to come back. If the LittleLexx.net billbored winks out again, it's like I was saying to someone- Myke is getting close to finalizing the vbulletin and php 'smash' into one new thing, and we're finding we need to make a host adjustment to handle the full conversion.

Nearly there, guys.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

finders keepers, losers weepers

I keep frying things, don't I? This is salmon. You guys know who Scott Conant is, right? He freaks out when people put cheese and fish together, to the point of you can't even be friends with the guy if you love tuna melts. CHEESE IS FORBIDDEN WITH FISH. Because of that, every time I make these salmon patties (or they could easily be shaped into croquettes), I think of Scott Conant, because my secret ingredients are grated parm and smoked paprika. Srsly, every. single. time. I will never not think of Scott Conant when I eat these because he is so vehement about it. I make really awesome salmon cakes. We inhale them.

Here you go, fish with cheese. Click for recipes.

I swear, the street addresses coming in on that last post. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜³ Can you srsly plz just look up how to be more discreet surfing the webs? It's fine when your location puts you vaguely out on a golf green somewhere, but when I'm staring down onto your actual house, I feel really awkward for you. I'm content with getting generalized areas so I can get a feel for how I'm driving internet traffic with social media links, really don't need to go all Sims on me.

Anonymous on the Web: The Basics- You might want to particularly check out Web Browsing With a Proxy Server a few paragraphs down. It's really not that much work. If you use a browser at all, you can easily go into browser settings and find an area that lets you decide how private you'd like your internet activity to be. Even if you don't use a browser proxy, your service provider probably also has proxy user IPs available for you. You don't have to become a computer specialist to keep me from seeing your house.

That being said, I easily got a screenshot of this one person's neighborhood and I could actually look up every house on the street if I wanted to and see floor plans, how much the houses are worth, who currently lives in them, what their income levels are... And that's just the basics. Anyone can do this. We are all very visible now. If you don't like that idea, put 'proxy' into your search bar, ok?

I'm a lurker, not a stalker. Big difference. I like hanging out incognito and people never know I'm here. That's lurking. If someone lets me know they're lurking my stuff, that's not lurking. Lurkers don't wave howdy. They don't say hey, it's me. Lurkers just quietly notice other people.

I once accidentally cease and desisted a friend over lurking because I had analytics and got creeped out. That person never bothered me at all, but since I could see the activity, I just got really creeped out, even though it was harmless. Looking back, I understand now that although we wanted to be friends, neither one of us was very good at it, and since she was more savvy online, she just kept an eye on me and watched me think out loud on my blogs. Now that I've gotten used to people doing that, it's no big deal. Back then being able to see blog stats was really new, and it was before proxies came into vogue. I saw loads of personal information coming in through my stats back then, but since hers was sort of hidden, it got weird for me.

Another 'friend' once showed up at my house from a fandom group and put my life online. THAT is stalking, especially since it was a 12-hour drive. Purposely gathering information on someone in order to take any kind of action, unless you are in a paid security position, is stalking. A lot of people do this without realizing that's what it is, even if all you are doing is calling someone up to complain about the person you're stalking because you're obsessed and upset about something. Stop that. Don't be a stalker. Don't get yourself worked up over things you'd otherwise never have known if you hadn't spent the time gathering intel.

But basically, don't make it easy for other people to get to know you that well. It's nobody's business. If I can easily find your house just because you read my blog, then you need to get smarter using the internet.

Anyway, I just think it's fun when people in higher socioeconomic and politically torn areas jump on a twitter hashtag. In a world saturated with click bait, it's nice that my thoughts got shared into a few extra brains that were actually interested in that kind of content.

I'm so rambly, I've gotta get back off here. On my way out, may as well mention that when you listen to various popular songs while you're thinking about Illuminati running the industry, the lyrics make way more sense. I've been really surprised how many celebs and music artists linked to 'suicides' and reclusive behaviors (those paintings are amazing) last few years I'm finding out are really into spiritualism, even big Jesus fans, and they are coming from the heart of an industry that vehemently is anti (against) Christ. If you pay attention, it's common to see decor in some homes that depict this as a lifestyle (human sacrifice on the wall?), and yet these artists keep showing up with lives that belie that imagery with sincere devotion to spiritual living. I personally think they are trapped, unable to spill without fear of very real damage or pain of death, and keenly appreciate what overturning the money changers in front of the temple really meant. I personally don't care for modern music for its own sake, I'm more an instrumentalist fan, but fans continually pairing lyrics up with visuals is very compelling, and once you get the hang of what keeps being repeated in these mediums, the questions naturally start asking themselves. What are they putting into all our heads?
Understanding Groupthink- How to Recognize and Avoid It