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Monday, June 18, 2018

I think my life needs pretty pillows

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A week ago I made a to-do list for this month. Two of those things are done, another got started, and the rest shoved aside. Today I added another thing and contemplated things I let drop off the list a year ago.

My lists are defeating me. My inbox is a hilarious sham. My aspirations to conquer so much seem like a pipedream.

And yet, I am thoroughly enjoying some pizza nachos and spacing out.

Today is a good day. I'm enjoying doing chores around my house while I listen to youtube stuffs.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

spare parts

I was looking for a Spongebob "4 Days Later" time card on youtube and ran into this and decided it's the best ever.

It's time to admit I may or may not have destroyed that knee. Walking is touch and go, and trying to stay off my leg is ridiculously challenging. Not in the mood to discuss it further except to say I really miss fly. Life is not minecraft enough.

So out of all those seeds Bunny and I planted, this is the lone survivor and thriver.

We went from a very late 25 degree hard frost to a very hot 80 degree drought in two weekends flat, and after that it rained so much and so hard that everything just drowned, including a pot of petunias. I've never seen petunias drown before. But this guy said life is awesome and surged forth.

And those turned into zucchinis and not the cantaloupe I could have sworn it was, and today we ate the biggest one, which we nearly didn't see at all because zucchinis are sneaky.

And of course we got sneaky back and picked the nice small one hiding near it before it could go all Jurassic on us.

Here's a splat of joy. You're welcome.

I feel like I'm getting an insane amount of work done both online and off, but it's not the kind of work that people generally notice, and my knee is threatening abdication so it's clearly an insane amount of work. I've been laughing back with HA, what you fail to understand is that I have a spare knee! Your threats are useless! And my other knee goes *wut*...

The list grows. The work patiently waits. I get a little distracted here and there, but it's all good.