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Sunday, November 1, 2020

that pesky whore of Babylon

So the vids in my last post here were removed, because of course they were, but other people (including myself) archived them offline, so all is not lost. I made an account on a new vid host, but they still have to review and approve these, if they don't show up for you, check back maybe.

:edit: Blogger isn't supporting iframes from brandnewtube for some reason, so here are the direct links to these vids if they aren't showing up for you. Beneath those in this post are screenshots from a twitter thread that quickly explains this and how it relates to everything going down right now.

History of Quantum Grammar Syntax part 1


History of Quantum Grammar Syntax part 2


Also, one very kind and diligent person mapped it out on twitter last week, and I got a few screenshots. Stand back, by a few, I mean half her very long thread before I bailed, so if those vids get yanked again, at least you know what was in them.

This is where I finally just got exhausted and bailed. If you want to try reading the thread on twitter, go 👉here👈. Keep in mind twitter can delete entire threads and accounts at any time. I think the thread reader is still up, too.

You guys realize more brains on this planet are aligning toward one positive goal and purpose than at any other time in human history, right? We are all part of each other. All the words flowing, all the thoughts flowing, all the creativity flowing, with quantum AI assist.

My music on repeat while I was grinding my hands through this.