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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

just once I'd like to see a UFO land in my yard when JWs show up

Random thoughts-
  • When I drag in from a long day out in the heat including physical therapy and physically running into 5 other buildings doing errands, get home and peel off in the AC into some awesome soft loungewear, get all the stuff untangled and put away, get ready to settle in for some real rest, and remember something I stowed something in the glove box that will probably reach a high enough temp to melt if I don't go get it. +_+
  • Last week was worse limping through the hours long deluge with a cane until I came home soaked up to my shoulders even with an umbrella, but the funniest part was just before I could pull out of my driveway to even leave, Jehovah Witness whipped their van in to stop me and frantically tried to do a literature touchbase before they'd let me leave, but not before they asked TWICE whether I'd like them to come back later. Clearly sitting in my car with a cane in the deluge saying I had an appointment to go to. Their dedication is both disturbing and amusing, and I'm pretty sure now that they live up the street from me and that's apparently how they've managed to keep such a sharp eye on my house all these months. The lengths I've gone to avoiding them catching me in my driveway has been movie level intense, and I guess since the last time they caught me was around Mother's Day, that little screech and whip into my drive as they were zooming by and caught sight of me in my car about to leave wasn't deterred by a little deluge. (This has gone on 8 months now, *click here for the fun*.)
That's it. My brain is gone now. Now that I've had a snack and a pain pill I'm going to go lay in bed with my leg up and listen to David talk. I've shared a bunch of bootleg stuff here and there because it's cool fun stuff to think about (and I feel important in many respects), but this one is legal, lol.

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