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Monday, September 10, 2018

the weeping world

Hi, guys.

This is the kind of stuff I can see on my end when proxies aren't used.

This first one knows Pinky blog very, very well.

This second one is a sample of 'random' hitchhiker apps, possible U.S. military on down time, and general social media referrals. You'd be surprised how many Near Eastern areas hit Pinky blog.

I really don't know what to say here.

I also have a number of street view snips that I won't share. Some of them I know are friends and it's no big deal. Others are people who really are trying to stay hidden and still haven't realized I literally get back yards like this, and when I go to street view I can get actual addresses, realtor info, and owner histories. From that I can get voter registration and a few other things. Random things I've caught in past are elite golf resort in France, elite luxury hotel and spa frequented by celebrities, houses in high dollar neighborhoods, and actual parking lots at libraries, schools, churches, specific shopping centers, hospitals, and from named work place networks.

I'm very serious when I keep reminding you guys to learn what using proxies is about. There are plenty of how-to articles and tutorials out there. I'm all for anonymous browsing.

I have considered that some of you want to be seen. At least one played a very extensive months-long game on me for reasons I still can't fathom.

I personally don't care for head games, and I'm busy. If you can't just tell me what you'd like to see on Pinky blog, and I'm apparently being super dense about the interest being demonstrated, I guess we're at stalemates.

Thank you for the visits. I especially want to thank those who DO use proxies and consistently check within seconds of every publish around the world. For every click, there are more unseen email notifications that don't have to click to read, unseen curators that allow reading without clicking, and I don't need to know anyone even saw what I did. That is the game I play, writing in the dark, never knowing who sees what. I throw the pages out a window into the wind.

I don't monetize, but I do see who uses (or tries to use) my content and clicks for their own income. If my words are worth that kind of time, sweet.

I hope you all have excellent days, good health, and love in your lives. Look for the wonderful in this world. We are here to learn, on the weeping world.

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