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Monday, October 1, 2018


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I've rerun into the concept lately that 'God', or a sort of universal consciousness or the Source or whatever, burst apart into a super multiplicity of 'selves' in order to experience all possible experiences for whatever reason. Uri Geller proposed that God was lonely. David Wilcock reiterated this. A long time ago I decided Uri was missing something and went to see for myself, which you can read about in a post I wrote called process and being. What I found was very surprising.

So I'm watching the world stage blowing up between the Cabal and the #QCrisis (reinventing the hashtag since no one else has) and thinking about all the new things I've absorbed over the last few months about surviving ascension as we complete another orbit around our galaxy, and how exquisitely timed this is with the ultimate tragedian- Earth.

And I've been asking God lately- Why did you do it? Why did you fall into this self harming bingefest where all the selves you created for 'experience' deteriorated into hate induced fear trama and the blind ravaging of our own souls? Why are we caught up in this scenario? Are we all suffering because the original 'I' needed an experience? And how in the world did it come to this stooping so low before other selves became strong enough to mount a rescue?

Every day I have wondered about this. If rumors are true, our planet is a novelty, aged and yet still very behind developmentally, compared to other much more evolved life bearing planets in much less time. Four billion years and we are still in the cosmological 'cave man' era. And if other rumors are true, this was manufactured purposefully by a life form so bereft of soul that it creates new DNA/tech combos just to shred the soul as much as possible for food.

If all of us have come from one Source, methinks Source is in a pickle.

And tonight I got an answer. Tonight, on the eve, on the cusp of a planetwide red revenge, as I was finally letting go and drifting into sleep, I was Looked At.

I have been noticing eyes look at me all my life, which I've talked about before in a post I wrote called Synchronicity, Suicide, and The Eyes. I won't get into that now. I'll put it into the book. These eyes were different. I usually just see eyes. I usually immediately ask God to make them go away and stop looking at me, which actually seems to work, and I switch my mind to other things. Some of the eyes I see are very disturbing, some are beautiful, but I don't fall for that. I know better than to assume anything or to trust looking back into them. I know eyes can lie.

The eyes tonight were in a boy of about nine or ten, I guess. I knew right away it wasn't a real child, and that this was a communication scene, because it was almost monochromatic and a bit flat, but it was living, a boy looking at me. It was the kind of look that said something. I see that look sometime here and there in other real faces, like they know something, they might even want to tell something, and they keep their mouths shut, and just before they look away I can briefly see that they wish they could talk about it. But for whatever reason, that moment is over very quickly. Tonight that was a frozen moment, caught on a canvas in my mind, shown to me.

I nearly pushed it back out of my mind, like I automatically do, but the scene around the eyes made me hesitate. Eyes that look at me in my mind outside of dreams are only eyes, they don't bring in baggage. Whoever was looking at me was able to create a medium. It might not matter exactly how that presented except that it made me hesitate long enough to ask, What do you want? If you are the one I've been asking why you did this, what is it you want?


That was a surprise. Of course it made sense, I had been hotseating the Source of all of us all week, asking hard questions, maybe even impossible questions. I've blogged in years past, probably much of it private (but you'll see it in the book) about asking God point blank when I was still pretty young, certainly preteen and even still in elementary school, what the point was of throwing us down here and then saying we wouldn't be forgiven for not knowing we did something wrong. I realized later that was a concoction of my parents, and bigger picture much later revealed an entire human history wrapped tightly around using this horror as a control mechanism in societies. I went on to achieve a master of science in sociology because, basically, I was mad at God.

So yeah, I demand to know. I constantly harangue the guy. I can't just assume anything, or fill in the blanks with any old answer, no, I have to spend my whole life digging through whole libraries of philosophies, weird sciences, alt consciousness, anything and everything experienceable from every possible angle in human existence.

I guess me and God are same paging it in this life experience as a tiny little self in a very huge multiplex of universes, I dunno. I just know I very thoroughly question everything. And if there is ever to be an end to suffering as selves, it will be through the resolution of the problem, whatever that was in the first place. I'm not sure whether an entity of itself can experience what we know loneliness to be on this miserable earth, to the point of creating a mass of selves to find out why and what is to be done about it. And if that is what happened, could it possibly have been a mistake? Is it sacrilege to accuse God of creating a situation that saw the rise of Hitler and even the millennia of human enslavement created by an exceedingly selfish life form? Because if we get full disclosure, like a few insiders are hoping happens with all this Q stuff, we may be finding out some pretty rough shit about who we really are and why our lives suck so bad.

Drama. Humans are very good at storytelling, drama, and inflicting trauma. But if this all started with a Source launching an explosion of itself out of loneliness, omg, how is there any hope at all???

Unless hope is what it was looking for in the first place... That sounds odd, speculating that a One could hope when that One could control all. But that One unleashed a universe of Us, didn't it? That alone created wild cards galore. What point is there in creating all of Us only to control all of Us? Because that's just a very elaborate game of dolls. No, this whole thing was a risk. And it needs a resolution. In the end, according to the wise in all kinds of religions and spiritual quests, we go back to the One, our Source. God. Some say we go back through judgement, some insist not all of us will make it back, some believe eventually we all will, and the entire collective experience will have been for... what? Because if we all go back into the One, that's a whole lot of experience back to square one, if the reason for all this in the first place was loneliness.

So that just looks like a big mistake to me, if it's true.

And that One looking at me after a solid week of asking what it wants and it saying it wants forgiveness makes sense.

I don't know if you all can follow me into this weird dark to light thing. If we are all the same Person from infinite angles and positions, that means We inflict Ourselves. If karma is just, we become the person we unjustly inflicted somewhere down the road. Hitler becomes every person who died because of him, in essence. All those people then must choose between hate and forgiveness.

I see a red tide rising. On the one hand, they do not forgive, they do not forget, and that seems a very good thing in light of our dire plight all over the globe. We want someone to save the children, don't we? I know *I* do. But WE are the ones who must all understand and help if we can. It does no good to shut our eyes and not be part of the rescue, to turn our heads away and not notice not only the tattered souls around us, but to add that on to our karma and become the tattered soul in one of our next lives. Sooner or later, we open our eyes.

Children are innocent, it is true. It would be easy to get caught up in past lives and karma and say the suffering are receiving their due penance from a past life, and #walkaway. How shameful is that, to see wrong and not do something to change the wrong in the world? Even more, how dumb does it seem in hindsight to say a One became Us to learn these things? To experience first hand what life is, even at the peak of its heinous worst? To become both oppressor and oppressed. Inflictor and inflicted. User and used. How could a One stoop so low to become so cruel for pleasure, for greed and gluttony of luxury, for a sad mimicry of the 'divine'?

I once asked God, several years ago, how we can be expected to be better than a god, to forgive others when God himself would send them to hell. The answer I got back was swift and firm- People saying that doesn't mean it's true. The swiftness almost caused me to lose my breath. And the challenge right back was for me to ask PEOPLE why they do this. Look at what makes people the way they are. Things are not always evident on the surface, and as the anons are kindly obsessing through stacks of historical documents (thank you, Galaxy Quest, for the answer to the riddle of whether it's all real), we are seeing the biggest picture ever assembling out of many bits and bytes of seemingly *cough* lost information.

Back to the eyes I saw tonight.

What do you want?


The problem with rooting out evil on our planet is that we're so layered over so many centuries with 'fake news' and propaganda politics backed and justified through one religion or another that we don't know how to behave even when it's written in black and white right in front of us.

Golden Rule - Wikipedia
"The Golden Rule is the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated. It is a maxim that is found in many religions and cultures. The Golden Rule can be considered a law of reciprocity in some religions, although other religions treat it differently."

Just because someone is in the wrong, we don't spit on them. That is very poor behavior, especially for those who preach in any form, and that includes nearly all of us.

Very many people are entrenched in hating even more than ever all over the earth as this Q stuff plays out and the medias fight back. It's just conspiracy, go back to sleep while we advertise how much Satan loves it when you donate blood to the Red Cross. That's a real ad, and if you know all the clues, the irony in people thinking it's cute is the height of really bad taste, whether you believe Satan is a real being or not.

Answers come in strange ways sometimes, and questions are usually asked with an elaborate set of blinders on. What does God want in all this mess? What does the cosmic consciousness, the Source, or whatever feels like listens to us want out of all this?

It wants us to forgive. The crisis might not be just the nasty baddies horribly mistreating and even eating humanity's own babies, as per the mass of testimonials exploding out this year like fireworks, but the retributional mass of hatred in the wake of the rising red tide, although I agree this needs to happen before there is no coming back. This really is our last chance.

Hatred is what started this. The only way to cure hatred is through forgiveness. We cannot advance back to the Source as long as we hold on to our hate. Source loves us. Call it what you will, you know deep down you want to be loved. You know love is life changing, it heals the soul. If we want for Us to heal, we must be the ones who make it possible to keep changing the world for the better, in this life, in the next, and the next.

Where we go one we go all. Well, we're about to go to hell. We're doing it wrong. I don't mean the hearings or the reveals. I mean the sheer hatred on social medias. It's one thing to troll and pound the feeds with memes, it's another to froth with vitriol and spew filth. It's unbecoming. It doesn't help the cause.

The best way you can help aside from cheering the Q team on is realize we are all human, we were all babies and children, and the pour souls who were raised in the dark madness are very, very broken. This is far bigger than Hitler, with massive consequences and damage, perhaps for decades or even centuries to come. This will impact all our futures, and if we choose to go forward through this in hatred, we will negatively impact the overall outcome. Just because we purge it out doesn't mean sparkly rainbows for everybody afterward. There will be years of trauma people will still have to live with all over the world. We need to love to heal. It's hard to hate and love at the same time.

I have never once said, ever, that I hate the guy who murdered my best friend. Something just feels off about that. It's awful yes, and the crime was quite shocking. But what the hell did he go through to arrive at that point, you know? What did someone do to him as a child? I'm not saying he wouldn't do it again after sitting in prison for decades, but as much as I still hurt from the event demoralizing me and flipping my life upside down for years into a life of mistake after mistake, I can't bring myself to hate him. For all I know he hates himself. Who knows. Whatever I think, it might not change that in his next life he'll be the one murdered like that so he'll know how it feels. If that is really how karma works, and I beg to differ in several places, then what we dish out comes back to bite, and if we don't wise up and learn that, we get caught in a loop of making the same mistake over and over, which is inflicting ourselves on others.

You can totally be the good guy and still inflict others. The really good guys do their jobs without inflicting. You don't need to be an ass in the hero business, like I said, it's unbecoming. It brings out judgmentalism in other people, and that creates more conflict, and ultimately, more hate. Something to think about.

Now go be good patriots and save the children. Help the anons share, show your Q support, cheer on the powers that be going up against a world of elites knowing that their lives are literally on the line every minute of every single day doing it and only a tenth of one percent of people in the world actually even get that, so there's very little reward for that level of heroism in a twisted world like ours. Funny, we love the fiction heroes...

It's ok if you don't believe in souls. Let's heal each other anyway while we're saving the children.

When this is all done, if the good guys win, the names in this video will be more chilling than Hitler's. That old guy on the right wants us all to die. We need to be culled. I heard him say that in a different video. He happens to be one of the richest men on the entire planet and doesn't give a dime to helping any of us actually live better, easier lives. He likes that we are bound in debt slavery that supports a banking system more powerful than any nation. Go git 'im, Q.

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