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Sunday, October 7, 2018

it's ok to look for more squirrel pix

click for neat article on squirrel photoshoots
I would love to do stuff like that
Directionless but very focused. Today I inventoried a complex tangled mash of player claims with shared trusts. I don't get paid to do this. I actually find it mentally relaxing to focus so hard on details. I often miss doing inventory in big retail.

I miss a lot of things. But there are new things happening. I don't miss that chip in my knee at all. I nearly ran up the stairs the other day without even thinking because I thought I heard the rabbit out. I had never been able to do that in the 25 years I've lived in this house. Neato. 😁

I've been keeping up with the Q drops almost since it began nearly a year ago. It was all so touch and go. Nothing like that had ever happened in any kind of political history in any age on this earth. We got confirmation yesterday that if we hadn't made it to this point, force would have come next.

I linked that to qmap.pub
There are redudant backup sites everywhere
We're supposed to look back on Paul Revere sneaking through with a message, right? Qanon is practically the Star Wars equivalent of Paul Revere. If you haven't caught that yet, you will soon.

The most important thing I've ever learned is not hating people just because they think differently than me. I feel like it has become normalized to hold up hating with esteem, like the proper way to froth and hate kind of stuff. There are many people I've come to care for across the medias who still haven't figured this out. If you choose hate, you aren't going to make it. I'm so sorry. I'd love to say it's not the end of the world if someone ticks you off over something, but yeah, actually it is. If you ever in your life believed in saving humanity, now is the time to remember that. Hating doesn't save anyone, and it especially doubles back in awful ways on our souls.

I used to struggle with being public about who I am and how I feel and what I think. That struggle is over. The people who feel and think the same way I do are coming out of the woodwork now. Funny, I know I say I'm not really anonymous any more since I came out as a real person, but you still can't really see me. At any rate, I stand now with the anons supporting our military through POTUS taking down the Deep State run by the Cabal, and even if people (friends on social media) leave me over it, some of the coolest anons on the planet have hearted, liked, and even commented kindly back to me in places and I have never felt so validated.

"We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us."

In case anyone doubts what is behind my loyalty to this cause, as you watch the news go sour over the coming weeks about human trafficking and child sex slavery, be aware I've been there. My baby was raped before she was even a year old. I have cryptically mentioned my escape here and there. If you have never experienced that level of horror in your life, and I know so many of us floating on the surface of 'nice' haven't, just know that between my best friend's vicious murder rape and being married to a baby raper, I am fiercely at the front of this war to take down the Cabal once and for all, because they have reinforced the disintegration of our morality around the world for decades in order to own us, enslave us, keep us lulled and blaming each other so we won't question who runs the prison planet we're dying on.

Save your hate for the real fight. You're going to be reeling around feeling sick as this all starts coming out now.

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