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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Touch base Oct 11

Waiting in a parking lot for time to pass, so power pointing stuffs.

  • Over the last month I have cleared 216+ expired claims spanning up to 485 days since login on a game server. Disentangling multiple trusts across claims in friend groups was pure joy. I really do love inventory. I think this has been very good brain work. My retention is being strengthened a bit more, my focus is being challenged, and its like solving 4D puzzles. This is not a paid job, for those wondering what I've been up to.
  • Therapies continue on both knee and hand. Latest revelation with deeper knee assessment is that I seem to have a blank area in my mind regarding legs below knees. I've had to consciously remain aware and visualize walking just to keep from stumbling constantly, which is bringing up more questions about possible concussion damage during my car accident at 19. We've started deep tissue ASTYM on my entire right forearm and hand and the question of possible scleroderma has come up.
  • I no longer struggle with the friend concept, which has come up many times in my blogging. I seem to be done with the 'answer' to that. It's a relief. I simply love my people, whether they tolerate me or not, and most of them kindly do. The rest are easily forgiven. We are all human.
Time for my appointment now. Hope you guys have a great day. 💖

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