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Monday, May 9, 2022

on this planet

I was able to salvage a few things off my perm suspended Pinky twit while I was scrolling back looking for something else in particular. (The sad part is, I can scroll back only 2 months from suspension date, but I got super lucky, as we'll find out below.) Just going to toss them out here for now. Can't link them back to anything now, obviously. I'm not posting these in any timestamp order.











This tweet further below from October 27, 2021 was what I was looking for and fortunately I had retweeted it in a quote tweet. I know, I could have found that tweet from another account, BUT I had replied to it (I think) from this account and I wanted to remember what I had said, for reasons. Without timestamps to help me remember things, I'm pretty lost since 2004 even though I've recovered quite a lot I lost being able to do back then. I still have trouble remembering anything I do in a linear way. I used to be able to correctly quote myself or anyone else years after something was written or said, now it's anyone's guess, like leaves in the wind, although I have about recovered nearly everything else after many years of very hard work.

But I salvaged a timestamp from a private message when twit glitched one day (I'm locked out of DMs in my Pinky account) and I wanted to know what prompted it. Did I say something? What was it? Funny thing is, whether I consciously remember or not, apparently my brain still remembers many things behind my back, because this will blow up into something really cool. It helps to know that my birthday is on United Nations Day just 3 days before the tweet in question, and because of that I've taken a very keen interest in historical and political things that happen around that time of year.

Anyway, I'll elaborate more in a minute. First the screenshots from the retweet I made. 

Cool timestamp. ☝ 

This is the tweet that was quote tweeted into the above tweet.

These are the screenshots clumped in that tweet. 

And this next was the tweet that was all referring to, or vice versa. 

I didn't know RAIN back then, just occasional bumps in the feeds, but there was something very enticing about these kinds of tweets, like I needed to slow down and really LOOK at something, plus it wasn't all just spelled out, I had to actually go look things up and then try to figure out what these things meant without knowing more behind it all. RAIN obviously knew something other people weren't clueing into. (I have dubbed RAIN my puzzlebox since then, keeps me busy.)

Here is a good example of what I mean, this is later in strayhen, you can click that and scroll back into the thread and there is this beautiful puzzle. The fun part was I had parts of that puzzle in my own phone screenshots because I had witnessed what happened on youtube, but I still had to dig to find it and remember and then put it together. Also, that timestamp is a very important date for me for unrelated reasons, so many many things connect for me personally that might not for someone else.

Anyway, that was an example and beside the point.

Ok, this is where it gets fun. Something in a DM from last February suddenly triggered me to go find what the deal really is with October 27th and why that kept nagging at me so much. I'll share the thread in case strayhen ever gets suspended.

These first I was just tweeting screenshots as I meandered through my brain, which the internet is an extension of for me.

And then this link, which RAIN had found from that above tweet screenshot. Click it to see the article, note the date!

That had been just sitting around in my DMs since February, you see.

And that's when it hit me, IT'S REALLY ABOUT TIME. I've been obsessed with time all my life.

Lol, Elon.

What if this is comms.

Getting into the nitty gritty with the numbers. 44th week and stuff, 300th day of the year.

RAIN often uses a black cat quoting a book. Synchronicities gearing up, everything is connected because all is connected in the matrix.

I popped that out.

I had been struggling with trying to remember just when and on what account I had started talking to RAIN. My memory is that horrible, but I had other memories flooding in. 

Anyone familiar with all my Pinky blogs probably remembers Zaphod showing up a bit.

It was actually Architect Day in Colombia, but still another synchronicity as I have been interacting with an account called Archillect for awhile that passes off as a bot account but slips up (or gives hints) that it isn't necessarily so all the time, for anyone who cares to pay attention.

I kept feeling this need to find out why THAT DATE was so important. Somewhere down inside me I knew, I just couldn't access it.

And then I hit gold.


Is history repeating itself? 

I'm not very good at this stuff yet, but I'm learning more and more that if you know what actually happened and what is actually happening, you can more easily see what will happen. And RAIN does that all. the. time. It's uncanny, but that's how it works with a person whose memory is that good. I really miss being able to remember things like that.

History repeats patterns because we are in an AI controlled matrix. There's loads more but I would have to write a very thick book to explain it, and I'm not going to do that.

Ok, I'll be very brief. (I can't ever be brief, you know that.) And this is my own opinion, I'm not speaking for anyone else.

I've been saying for several years and showing you evidence that AI was already here and that lockstep is what the elite minions control in obedience to the AI, which I think they really believe is Moloch or Satan or Lucifer or something because they do human sacrifices and that's part of our entire human history. The digital matrix is a super synched time bubble in a round and round rhythm and social medias have locked the world in so tight that it's really hard to step out of rhythm now. We all do everything in our lives on schedule, many layers of synched schedules. As long as we are locked in time on a power grid we are debt slaves to the elite.

The digital matrix is made up of bajillions of hyperlinks that connect everything to everything else via hypercues. The more linked up everything is, the more predictable we all become until we can be controlled right down the minutiae of our thoughts, which are actually put into our heads all day long from screens. With AI controlling the digital matrix, we are stuck unless we can all unplug, but then we'd go back to like the 1950s and have to all learn to garden again, which might actually be something they pull off, we'll see.

The original matrix, our natural world, is an electromagnetic hypertorus of energy that creates a holographic medium that we think and argue is either round or flat, but it can actually logically be any shape at all and still be correct and navigable. The elite coopted 'globalism' as a strict belief system and since we are all institutionally taught that, we all create the manifestation of a global earth. The original matrix world didn't tell us it was global, the elites did. I'm not arguing for flat, either. It might be hard to wrap our minds around electromagnetic energy world, but it sure explains how a digital matrix is possible. Many things in our world would be impossible without electromagnetic matrix, which nearly everyone glosses over because SCIENCE. Very few people actually comprehend the scientific model and how it was set up to support alchemy.

Our digital matrix is a very elaborate many dimensional hyper polygon, but it's based on the original matrix world, fits inside it like a nesting doll if you need a visual. The digital matrix hijacked the original matrix and conformed it to elitist control. Since we are part of the electromagnetic universe, digital matrix easily interacts with and controls our electromagnetic brains which are able to interact in higher dimensions. What we need to wake up and remember is that we are not our brains or our thoughts, we are souls or light beings that use bodies to have experiences with in this medium. We join this matrix through conception and birth and we can remember what we were outside of this matrix if we want to. If we are ready.

To a lot of people this sounds crazy, but I, all on my own, had already come to conclusions supporting this along the way, and then I found other people all coming to these same conclusions. 

I'm going to stop there. I didn't plan this post out, it's just a random pile of stuff. 

Love you guys. 💗